Vogel peace

Vogel peace

please check out this site and help mothers that do not have anyone and a family that is growing a farm to feed the hungry and a fashion company that donates homemade articles to make people feel empowered and help the world become a better place the site better describes the situation but please forward this link! help hunger and pregnant mothers that have no family or friends and need your help!

Thinking Process


Every time I think of something and then I think of something else that is the complete opposite I never know if they are going to go together some how or become one thing instead of two or make the other better in some way or the other. The point though that I am trying to make is picture things and then the opposite and then add different colors, textures, and uses. That is when you make a master piece of fashion and design, some times things that do not seem compatible are after you play with your different thoughts you’ll make an even better design than you originally planned, & If it doesn’t work out then you know what does & doesn’t. What do you have to lose? Take risk and create something amazing!

True Love

True love is something that most people never even see in their lifetime. True love is something that runs so deep you cannot explain it in words nor share the feeling unless it is with your other half. The only person that makes you complete and is with you through everything including the fighting and the smiling and hitting rock bottom then bouncing back but your past still haunts you so your better half stays there waiting patiently til its gone. True love endures threw everything I mean everything. Because if it is real it only gets better after patience and time.