“those of you w…

“those of you who have made mistakes, and who are brave enough to correct them, and wise enough to learn from them are following a path to love and peace”


remember who and whats important

Most people use their style to support their beliefs and to state what type of music they like or trend they’re following but the truth of the matter is that no matter what expressing yourself on the outside is amazing as long as you keep what made you who you are in the past before you became fashion forward inside still, and I mean it with sincerity. Once people change their image they forget the awesome person that came up with it in the first place was and this goes for any famous person as well; all the people you met on the way up and when you are at the top don’t forget about those people you met because how they are treated will effect you later maybe not tomorrow or the day after but, on your way down all those people you met you will be seeing them again, on your way down. So treat them well and thank them for helping you find your self and your image. Remember who you are and that is how you can always pull threw and create new things as well as keeping true to your roots.