My life, its hope for some who can relate

It is always a difficult thing to admit that your marriage, relationship or friendship is coming to an end. The sorrow that you feel when you know you feel one thing but, you grew into two different directions. Do you even know that person anymore? I know personally I am going through this type of thing and it is very hard to say, He does not know anything about me, and it is sad. Making choices especially when one is pushing for one thing but is not actually open to the idea of what his or she is pushing for.

If a person cannot be with you and see you for you and love you when you truly need it instead of rubbing their problems that are all caused by you, years ago and now the problems are different. same excuses just holding something over someones head and telling them the things that will break them down the worst is not love. Its hate, and it truly is such a fine line because if you once loved something and it didn’t go your way you are more likely to hate it or strongly dislike it.

To hate means to still have feelings, the opposite of love is not hate it is indifferent, therefore you would still have hope of some type of outcome of that relationship. Not that you want to love again necessarily but to move on or to heal, and not to spill my whole situation of life but here is how it was summed up because we all do not have time for a lifetime of ups and downs but, my life could certainly become a movie!

Been homeless almost my entire life, my family was split apart one half on the one side of the United states the other on the other side then, life was not to kind I was emotionally and physically damaged and then ran off at the age 13 but all the while raising two of my siblings.

For most kids my age they would have never went across the country with nothing but 25 dollars and a back pack and two kids but, I made sure everyone was fine. I forged my moms signature and enrolled us all in school and we lived in a bad dirty motel after i got a couple snow ball stand jobs. I had perfect attendance and made sure my brother and sister were always fed and were on time for school. My brother decided to go back to california. So it was just my sister and I then she moved into her boyfriends house so it was just me. I slept in gutters sidewalks school parking lots abandon houses, and a bunch of other random crazy places but still i went to school and work. I got three jobs and put my self through driving school and forged my moms signature again to get my drivers license then got a nice old used car, I lived in it then got an apartment on the water. All the while I still worked never missed a day and went to school never missing a day. I graduated high school in 3 years and i was the first in my family to do so at all and I am one of 16 kids. Then I was paid to go to college. So when someone tells me I could not survive in the world I really want to smack them not that I would but thats just part of my life and I never ever play victim or want to be seen that way. So when someone who “loves you” holds things like that over your head they don’t really.

Makes me sad to think that stuff but the world is such a big place just waiting to be discovered and I am not afraid of whats to come because I survive, I always will. There is also one thing that no one can take away from you, that is hope. Hope for a better day and a better life. I will always carry with me as I did on the toughest nights.

I do not feel like I had it very bad, not great sure but my situation is nothing compared to other peoples lives I knew of people who had things worse in someways better than others but you just have to realize that you have to keep moving going forward because there will always be someone out there that has it worse than you and you should be thankful for what you do have and get rid of the things that take you down.

The Illusion of Time

Experiencing The Now

Time changes everything, we feel the influence of time, yet what is the ‘NOW’. When does the future become the present and the present become the past?

The future has yet to happen, so we don’t exist in the future, the past has already gone, even as I write these words. So when is the ‘now’? No matter how small a piece you break time into, it can always be made smaller, into infinity. The infinite has no end or beginning. There is no ‘now’ or present, we live in a place outside of time, belonging neither to the past or the future, yet existing in both an none.

We experience the infinite everyday, yet never notice it. That very same infinite that exists without, also exists within us. In dreams and meditations, in the practicing of magic, we cast a circle that exists in a place out of time, it is a reminder of the infinite and how we live it each day.

In dreams we experience the infinite most acutely, without any other senses other than our mind, in a reality made solely by us, we join with the timelessness of the universe. In meditation, through conscious choice, we can be everywhere and at all times, both everything and the one, changing yet constant, mortal but immortal.

The truth of the ‘NOW’ is its endlessness, yet constant changes, in knowing oneself we see the changes within ourselves and learn that nothing every ends.

Family Donates Canceled Wedding Reception to 200 Homeless People

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Family donates canceled wedding reception to 200 homeless people

Carol and Willie Fowler had planned an elaborate wedding reception for their daughter. Sadly, the wedding was canceled after all the arrangements were set. But they saw opportunity where others would see only tragedy, and teamed up with Hosea Feed the Hungry in Atlanta to turn the reception they’d planned in the first annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love, feeding 200 people in the process. “We’re very pleased that she’s handling it so well,” Carol Fowler said of her daughter to Here & Now. “She was also very delighted to see and know that others had an opportunity to enjoy something, rather than just allow it to go to waste.” “Events are canceled,” Fowler continued, “and sometimes for unknown reasons. Give them an opportunity to use that for people that will not have an opportunity, perhaps in life.”



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Are You Empathic?


Most people have a certain amount of empathy (sympathetic feelings) for other human beings and even animals.  It is this natural empathy that stirs compassion and in turn sets in motion good deeds, well-wishes, prayers, assistance, and mercy.  But being empathic goes one step further.  An empath can ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the emotions of those people around them.  When someone is talking face to face with an empath, the substance of their words will shine in bright contrast to their true feelings. An empath will know when you are lying to them.  They will actually feel your dislike or approval– acutely.  An empath will pick up the smallest of nuances in the expression of the eyes, the twitch of a facial muscle, an almost unnoticeable inflection in the voice.

But aside from keen awareness to these physical cues that most people are oblivious to, an empath will be able to feel someone else’s emotions as though they were their own.  This phenomenon is amplified in large crowds and can become overwhelming and uncomfortable, as well as physically draining; which is why many empaths learn, over the years, how to block and shield themselves from other people’s emotions.  It’s a necessary survival mechanism for many super-sensitive empaths.  It’s also why some avoid circumstances involving large crowds of people.

Being empathic brings a different dimension to how you view the world, how you feel about specific people and circumstances, and decisions that you make.  Would you want to know how certain people in your life really feel about you?  About decisions and choices you have made?  Would you like to feel other people’s approval, admiration, dislike, envy, disapproval— all without a word spoken?  Although being empathic does have obvious advantages, this is not always the blessing many people think it would be.  It often sends you on an emotional rollercoaster.  The phenomenon of this quirky psychic overload certainly reveals your true friends, but it also reveals adversaries that may wear the cloak of friendship, ulterior motives, and other shocking revelations.