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Robyn Lawley: the world’s most refreshing supermodel?


The 6ft 2in, size 16 Australian is a Vogue cover star and food writer who thinks fashion has a weight problem
Text by Sali Hughes for The Guardian, Saturday 24 August 2013

Robyn Lawley is the supermodel you’ve never heard of. Last year she was the face of Ralph Lauren; the year before she appeared on the cover of Italian Vogue. She has her own fashion range, a book deal, and presents cookery shows in her native Australia. But you probably don’t recognise Lawley because she is not, to use the industry term, a “straight model”. As a UK size 16, Lawley counts as “plus sized”.

“I tried to be a straight model for a while,” Lawley says when we meet in London. (She lives in New York; America has the biggest plus-sized market.) “But I’d arrive at castings, aged 19, and it would be immediately obvious that I was…

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