Are You Empathic?


Most people have a certain amount of empathy (sympathetic feelings) for other human beings and even animals.  It is this natural empathy that stirs compassion and in turn sets in motion good deeds, well-wishes, prayers, assistance, and mercy.  But being empathic goes one step further.  An empath can ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ the emotions of those people around them.  When someone is talking face to face with an empath, the substance of their words will shine in bright contrast to their true feelings. An empath will know when you are lying to them.  They will actually feel your dislike or approval– acutely.  An empath will pick up the smallest of nuances in the expression of the eyes, the twitch of a facial muscle, an almost unnoticeable inflection in the voice.

But aside from keen awareness to these physical cues that most people are oblivious to, an empath will be able to feel someone else’s emotions as though they were their own.  This phenomenon is amplified in large crowds and can become overwhelming and uncomfortable, as well as physically draining; which is why many empaths learn, over the years, how to block and shield themselves from other people’s emotions.  It’s a necessary survival mechanism for many super-sensitive empaths.  It’s also why some avoid circumstances involving large crowds of people.

Being empathic brings a different dimension to how you view the world, how you feel about specific people and circumstances, and decisions that you make.  Would you want to know how certain people in your life really feel about you?  About decisions and choices you have made?  Would you like to feel other people’s approval, admiration, dislike, envy, disapproval— all without a word spoken?  Although being empathic does have obvious advantages, this is not always the blessing many people think it would be.  It often sends you on an emotional rollercoaster.  The phenomenon of this quirky psychic overload certainly reveals your true friends, but it also reveals adversaries that may wear the cloak of friendship, ulterior motives, and other shocking revelations.