The Illusion of Time

Experiencing The Now

Time changes everything, we feel the influence of time, yet what is the ‘NOW’. When does the future become the present and the present become the past?

The future has yet to happen, so we don’t exist in the future, the past has already gone, even as I write these words. So when is the ‘now’? No matter how small a piece you break time into, it can always be made smaller, into infinity. The infinite has no end or beginning. There is no ‘now’ or present, we live in a place outside of time, belonging neither to the past or the future, yet existing in both an none.

We experience the infinite everyday, yet never notice it. That very same infinite that exists without, also exists within us. In dreams and meditations, in the practicing of magic, we cast a circle that exists in a place out of time, it is a reminder of the infinite and how we live it each day.

In dreams we experience the infinite most acutely, without any other senses other than our mind, in a reality made solely by us, we join with the timelessness of the universe. In meditation, through conscious choice, we can be everywhere and at all times, both everything and the one, changing yet constant, mortal but immortal.

The truth of the ‘NOW’ is its endlessness, yet constant changes, in knowing oneself we see the changes within ourselves and learn that nothing every ends.